Safe Harbor Field Services, Inc.
25 Braintree Hill Office Park, Suite 402
Braintree, MA 02184
Main Phone (781) 849-8800

Braintree, MA 02184


Q:  I am a servicer and I am interested in SHFS services.  How can I get more information, or speak to someone about becoming a client?   

A: If you a mortgage servicer, who is interested in becoming a client, please contact us at 781-849-8800 and ask to speak to one of our Directors for more information.  

Q: What type of services do you offer?

A: We specialize in mortgage field services including property preservation, securing, trash out, cleaning, repairs, inspections and maintenance of defaulted and foreclosed properties for a wide range of clients in the mortgage industry.

Q: What services areas do you cover?

A: SHFS can provide services throughout the continental United States, with a regional focus on the East Coast.

Q: What is a matrix?

A: A matrix is a pricing guide provided by SHFS’s clients. These guidelines are the allowables per service consistently preformed on SHFS’s properties.

Q: Who do I contact if there is an emergency after 5pm EST? 

A: SHFS has an Emergency 24-hour phone line (877)-336-1524. An emergency contact sign is posted on each property by the contractor that directly services the property.

Q: As an SHFS contractor, when can I expect payment for services rendered?

A: If you have completed the work according to SHFS and client guidelines, and have submitted all documentation in a timely manner, you can expect payment within 30 days of job completion.

Q: Who should I contact if I have a billing issue?

A: For any questions related to billing, please send an email to

Q: If I see an issue at a property, should I repair the issue?

A: SHFS subcontractors must acknowledge that payment for any services performed outside of the Matrix scheduled cost limits is not guaranteed. Please work closely with your SHFS Representative to ensure that all necessary approvals are obtained prior to beginning work on a property. No work should be completed without receiving written approval.  

Q: What happens if I forget to send an invoice to billing?

A: If an invoice is not sent to billing within 3 days after service date, it could jeopardize your payment. SHFS must meet client guidelines for invoice submission. If your invoice is late, we may not be paid, therefore you would be paid. If you have any billing questions, please contact:   

Q: How should I send in my completed Work Orders?

A: This depends upon which SHFS client the work order is for. In general, completed work orders should be emailed within 24 hours to the appropriate sales representative and CC’d to with an invoice, before photos, during photos, after photos and any other necessary documents . (i.e., city permit, dump receipt, winterization checklist, etc.). In some instances, you will be provided access to a specific website to upload completion photos and documentation.

Q: Do I need an EPA certificate for painting with SHFS?

A: Yes, all contractors that perform painting services are required to have taken the EPA certification class and must supply a copy of their certificate in order to be able provide painting services. Please refer to our links page for additional information.

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